Post-Midterm Week

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Midterms are OVER!!!! YAYYY! You honestly don't know how happy I am. It's been a hell of a week consisting of three tests, a quiz, a health law debate, and a lot of no sleeping. Friday afternoon slowly crawled through and I decided to treat myself. Yes, I went to Sephora. And yes, I also went to Abercrombie and Fitch (but don't tell anyone this).

I tried to control myself but couldn't resist the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. 6 shades of highlighter for about $45.

Pork with vermicelli noodles at Lemongrass in Leominster, MA - SOO GOOD

Senior Ring Weekend @PC

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Every year, the seniors have a Senior Ring Weekend formal to celebrate the distribution of the class rings. They wear formal attire for two days while attending celebrations at different venues in New England. Then on Sunday, they receive their class rings.

I was fortunate enough to do one girl's hair and makeup and another's makeup. Here are the pictures from this weekend!!

5 Things

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been a long couple of weeks and it feels so weird to be back at school. I definitely wasn't ready for summer to end. Adjusting to the school life has been rough and SOOOO busy!! My life is consumed with homework, regular work, and BMSA, a club that I'm an executive member for. 

Advice for College Freshmen

Thursday, August 18, 2016

These pictures were taken from the Providence College website
As the new school year arrives, we're all moving back to school. Freshmen and transfer students are also moving on to campus. There's that feeling of not knowing anyone at school and the insecurity that anything you do the first week of school could affect your reputation for the rest of the year. But the thing to take away from this is that no one really knows what they're doing the first week of school. Also, we're most likely to forget anything that happened during orientation week because many freshmen are testing their limits (alcohol, etc.) or are really exhausted from the jam-packed schedule the school has put to together (as I was). 

As an orientation staff member at my college, the best advice I can give is to know your values, but also keep an open mind. Don't forget where you've come from. It’s essential to know what is important in your life. Know the people who will be there for you. But also, don’t be afraid to try new things, take risks, and get to know new people.

It’s weird that as you grow up, you kind of realize that everyone has their own story. Most have us have lived two decades. That’s definitely enough time to experience some type of greatest happiness, but also something that made you feel so low you became a new person. College will do just that. You’re meeting thousands of new students. These are the people you see everyday for 30 weeks of the year. Keep an open mind and hear the stories that have made each person unique. 

Know your worth. Everyone deserves friendships that will make them happy. If you find that a friendship or club is causing more stress than happiness, maybe it’s time to find new friends/activities. But don’t completely throw away the experience. Remember your mistakes and learn from them. Learn from your mistakes, but most importantly, learn from other’s mistakes as well.

Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Experience, experience, experience!! I really can’t stress that enough. Take in as much as you possibly can. But obviously, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. College, and the world, is filled with so many AMAZING opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people, expand your resume, and to personally grow and learn more about all the things you’re capable of. 

Best wishes with your journey! :)

My Summer at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to intern at Brigham and Women's Hospital as a research assistant and summer student. And I must say, this was one of the most valuable experiences I've ever had.

I came into the program wanting to do more administrative duties and more behind the scenes tasks. I thought about continuing my education in social work. I also thought of doing office work, similar to a receptionist or secretary. I was also interested in health and wellness and the education behind that. Honestly, I had no clue what I wanted to do. What I did know, was that I wanted to do something in health care (preferably in maternal and child care) where I would be impacting the lives of our future generations. The health care field is so vast and there are so many opportunities to really create your own path and advance in your career.

The culture at BWH is amazing! Everyone seems to be so kind, caring, and supportive. Maybe it's because we all possess the same goals? Or was it because I was working in the Newborn Medicine Department? Who knows, but I'm glad I'll be working here per diem throughout the school year!

Every Wednesday, about 10 other interns including myself, had a program lunch where a health professional would come in to give us insight on their careers and the paths that led them to where they are today. We were able to talk to pediatricians, researchers, neonatologists, bilirubin physicians, social workers, parent support specialists, and so many more professionals.

On Thursdays, we would have clinical rounds, which consisted of a more hands-on approach in the NICU and nursery. Some days, we went into the nurseries to watch and help perform assessments of the newborns. Other times, we were able to intubate preterm dummies.

I also had the chance to shadow several healthcare workers such as a social worker, a NICU nurse, the Newborn Medicine Administrator, and a lactation consultant. I think shadowing professionals is one of the most valuable ways to gain insight on what a career is really like. While all jobs were meaningful, I definitely enjoyed shadowing the lactation consultant the best. Their jobs seem to be really hands-on and interactive, which is something I discovered I really enjoyed doing. Not only are they up and moving, but they are also teaching the public how to feed newborns. This can be especially difficult if the baby is a mother's first child or even if the baby is born preterm.

When I wasn't busy shadowing or attending clinical rounds and lunches, I'd be helping my mentor with her research and other small tasks. This included a data analysis on a protein predictor of inflammation in the premature gut, in which I was able to present my findings to the Department of Newborn Medicine. I also helped with data extraction and entry, helping to edit clinical policies, drafting/designing information sheets for public use, and honestly so much more!

By participating in internships, you get to gain experience and learn about what you like and dislike. I believe that this extremely important because being stuck with a mundane and boring job is one of the worst things ever. From past work experiences, I've discovered that for me, it doesn't really matter what I'm doing. As long as I'm working with people I enjoy being around, I'd be more than happy to carry on any task. Honestly, I could be cleaning toilets (which I did as a lifeguard working for the state last summer) and I would still enjoy it because I'd be working with people I liked.

I arrived at BWH believing that I wanted to do something administrative and ended with possibilities in nursing and teaching. Working at a teaching hospital has truly been so rewarding. They provide so many opportunities that really allow you to learn so many things every single day. Overall, this summer has been one of the most eye-opening experiences and I really look forward to working here in the future!

Up-Do for the Allusion of Thicker Hair

Friday, August 12, 2016

My sister asked me to do her hair for a friend's wedding. She asked for something simple and quick that would hide her "bald spots"... lol, huh? So I did just that.

I used the braid to create more volume. Once this section is finished, you can pull out certain pieces to create the allusion of thicker hair.

In some areas, I twisted the hairs to manipulate a slightly thicker version and to hide parts of her scalp.

The bun was tied like a ponytail but wasn't fully pulled through, leaving a loop, and some strands to be pinned back. Since her hair is wavy, I was able to pull back some strands, rolling them up, then pinning them against the base of her bun.

If you still find some thin spots on your scalp, definitely feel free to use some makeup and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to fill in the scarce spots. I suggest using a similar shade to your color or darker. Definitely use a matte color to draw attention away from the spots you're trying to hide!

My Go-To Summer Berry Lipstick

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bite Beauty Lip Crayon in Aubergine

This is my go-to berry lipstick! Absolutely love this. It applies matte, but still provides just enough moisture to keep those lips nice and soft. Another reason why I love this is because you can easily control the application. Want a lighter berry? Softly apply. Darker color for a night out? Give it a few coats! 

This lipstick also lasts several hours. Just be sure to apply some kind of concealer before the lipstick. When applied, this will ensure a closer color to the lipstick. To make your lips appear fuller and to avoid the color from bleeding out into your skin, border your lips with concealer after you apply lipstick. Blend around the lips, being sure not to bring the concealer onto the lips. 

There you have it! Definitely my favorite summer berry lipstick! 

Makeover Monday: Britt

Monday, April 25, 2016

My awesome roommate let me do her makeup for our Chainsmokers Spring Concert ! I did a smokey eye with a fuchsia colored lipstick.

Advice on Choosing a Major

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I think choosing your major can be very difficult but it can also be one of the best ways to discover yourself. When I was applying to colleges, I told myself that I needed a place that would prepare me for a career in the real world. In high school and even my freshman year in college, I participated in so many extracurriculars in an attempt to build a strong resume. Like any other college graduate, my hope was to land a job right after college and to move out of my parents' house to earn my complete freedom.

Before my love of philosophy, I tended to focus almost all of my attention on making sure I would be able to land a solid job after college. I wanted to have a car, an apartment, and to be able to live independently on my own. Little did I know how materialistic this life was. How did I allow money and capitalism to cloud and manipulate my judgement so much?

I never knew how much I would learn about myself here at Providence College. It's been almost two years that I've been a student at PC. Within the past year, my view on the world has changed enormously. I can't say it got better or worse, but I can say that I am more proud of who I am.

I think that growing up in a world where money is basically everything--we need it to live in a house, to travel, to go to school, to be healthy, hell to be a woman (when we buy our tampons and pads)--it can really destroy our positive outlook on the world. One thing that I am so curious about is: How did we let ourselves and our minds become so engrossed in capitalism?

When applying to colleges, I decided majoring in Education would land me a solid job. I would be helping children and our future generation learn how to be great human beings. But did I really want to be around crazy screaming children 24/7? To be honest, no.

Between the summer of my senior year in high school and freshmen year in college, I changed it to Health Policy and Management. I had participated in a two week internship where I shadowed two directors in the Human Resources office of a hospital. Everyone had been so kind and welcoming and I thought, "Wow, I want to work in a hospital." But did I really want to work there because I enjoyed what I did? Or because of the environment and the people I was working with?

So when choosing your major, don't think about your plans right after college. Think about your talents and how your can best maximize them in a certain field. Feel what you love, and then do it. Don't think about your plans right after college, but your plans for a lifetime. Is this what you would want to do for the rest of your life? Do what you love, study what you love and enjoy, and if you're really passionate about what you are doing/studying, you will most likely be happy for the rest of your life!!

St. Patricks Day Makeup!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patty's Day Look 

St. Patty's Night Look 

Would've used green, but I only had blue :( 

Makeover Monday: Emily

Monday, March 14, 2016

This is my one of my roommates Emily!! She rarely wears makeup except the nights that we go out. I did a full face of makeup one night and this is the result! I did a gold eyeshadow based color to bring out the gold tints in her gorgeous hazel eyes. I extended her eyeliner out into a wing to give her eyes a little lift. Enjoy the video!! 

Products I used: 
L'oreal True Match Foundation in n1 Soft Ivory 
Tarte Airbrush Foundation Brush
Elf Complexion Brush
Physicians Forumla Bronze Booster
Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak Palette 
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette 
Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 
Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir 

Sephora Contour Color in Tranquil

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I had been using bronzer to help slim my face the past few years and with the whole contour rage that occurred, I found myself surfing the web to see which contour kit/palette would be the winner. I came across reviews about this Sephora gray contour being a dupe for the Chanel gray contour color. 

Because of its reviews and cheap price of $15, I decided to test this product out. At first, I was hesitant about whether I liked it or not. It was a lot less pigmented than I thought. I guess this can be good because you can at least build it up to a darker color. I also have a light to medium skin tone which probably did not help with the pigmentation. I think this product would work best on lighter fair skinned people. 

I also have sensitive skin and random products can make me break out really bad. I was scared to try this out because the Sephora Collection isn't exactly super high end. However, I'm not breaking out so all is good!! 

Another reason why I like this product is because the shade can pop out of the case and be placed in a bigger palette with different colors. I found this out when I first opened the case and it slipped right out of my hands onto the floor. Instead of the powder cracking, the shade just popped right out! 

Overall, I would recommend this product to those who are beginner contour makeup artists. This is a good first step to learning the ropes of contouring! 

5 Things

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hope you all had a wonderful President's Day Weekend (and Valentine's Day)!! Here is a little snippet of what I did this weekend. 

My Best Friend, Coconut Oil

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Literally though.

If you know me well, you would know that I could rave about coconut oil FOREVER!! I love coconut oil. It has so many purposes and it's so beneficial to everything. My first encounter with coconut oil began about two years ago when my mom had introduced me to it. This was when I was going through my really bad phase of acne and everything I seemed to put on my face just made it more greasy, patchy-dry, red, and painful. My mom suggested I try some coconut oil to rid the acne blemishes but I refused. Why on Earth would I put more oil on my face?! Yeah, no way.

This past summer, I lifeguarded for the fourth year. For my job, I'm required to swim laps everyday in the strong chemically chlorinated water. My skin is extremely sensitive and each summer, I know another plague of zits and oily, patchy, dry skin is ready to invade. I researched all over the internet for the best product that would protect me against the harsh pool chemicals. Before I dove in the water, I slathered on a thick layer of coconut oil and by the end of the swim, my skin was baby soft.

So, here are 10 reasons why coconut oil is my best friend:

1. You can use it as a substitute for hair conditioner.
2. It works great as a moisturizer.
3. If you want glowy skin for the summer, C.O. is your girl.
4. Coconut oil can be used to soften cuticles.
5. And used to soften your feet.
6. Softens the look of blemishes.
7. Makeup remover.
8. Protectant against harsh chemicals like pool water.
9. It can also serve as a sunscreen, but it's not that strong so make sure you wear another layer!
10. Use coconut oil to soften the look of stretch marks.

Makeover Monday: Shaina

Monday, January 25, 2016

This is my sister, Shaina! I have two older sisters. Shaina is the middle one between us. Her eyes are gorgeous and I'm pretty sure everyone envies her skin color. Watch below for her casual day makeup makeover!!

Products I used: 
ShiSeido Natural Finish Cream Concealer
Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush
Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation
Tarte Airbrush Foundation Brush
Make Up Forever HD Pressed Powder
Elf Complexion Brush
Physicians Forumla Bronze Booster
Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Streak Palette
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette
Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

5 Ways to De-Stress in January

Thursday, January 21, 2016

With December flying by and January finally coming to an end, you might be needing some ways to de-stress and relax. You probably just finished getting the Christmas and holiday gifts to your friends and family and if you're in college, like me, your probably super broke. Winter is really coming headstrong this season, especially with the huge snowstorm coming around this weekend. To avoid premature wrinkles, dry skin, annoying people, and your winter slump, here are some of the ways to wind down from all the stress.

1. Stay away from social media. I think that social media can be so deceiving. Returning back to campus, it might seem as if everyone is having the time of their lives. There might be Snapchat stories of girls hugging each other, but what they're actually doing is taking the picture. They aren't really enjoying time with each other. Along with this, there's syllabus week. Some people choose to go out every night of the week (I don't know how they can do it) but that doesn't mean you have to as well. Stay away from the social media, especially Snapchat and possibly Instagram to avoid FOMO. If you didn't know, there's a way you can temporarily delete your Instagram account now. Yup, your welcome! 

2. Read! I used to enjoy reading when I was younger and as I'm growing up, I'm starting to drift away from books because I am so busy doing homework for my classes and working events for clubs. Right now, I'm reading "All Over but the Shoutin'" by Rick Bragg, a famous journalist who wrote for the New York Times Newspaper. 

3. Paint your nails. This is such a good de-stresser. If your toe nails are bare or chipping, turn up the music and paint your toes. You can do this while doing almost anything. While waiting for your nails to dry, watch some Netflix, Youtube, or read a book! You can also eat. I recommend ice cream. 

4. Use coconut oil. This is a natural and all-organic oil that can be used for basically everything. Coconut oil can be used as lotion, spread to soften feet, remove makeup, and so much more. I spread about half a pea-sized amount of coconut oil each night over my face. I use it as a nightly moisturizer and it is also really helpful with fading blemishes. Go coconut oil!!! :)))

5. Spend some time alone. When you're around people all day, especially in college, sometimes, you just need a moment to be alone and relax. I think that sometimes, we become so entrapped with our lives to become the best, the smartest, or the most successful that we forget about our health. You might have failed that last quiz and you won't be able to remember that quiz five years from now, but you will be able to remember the times you were mentally, physically, and emotionally unhealthy. Often, I like going to breakfast or eating dinner by myself so that I can just enjoy a little quiet time because I hate the feeling of always needing people. Make sure to get enough sleep. Eat your breakfast. Go to the gym. Take care of yourself.

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum Review

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I received this serum over the summer as a sample from Sephora. I had no clue what it was or how effective it would be, but decided to take a chance with it. I struggled with terrible acne toward the end of high school and it got even worse when I came to college last year. My acne finally started healing toward the winter of last year, but now I'm left with horrible scars and embarrassing blemishes.

I tried this product in September. At first, it made my skin sting (I have very sensitive skin) but after a couple days of using it, I began to see a few of my blemishes fade. I would use about one squirt of the serum each night and apply it over my blemishes. Although it did lighten some of my blemishes, it didn't completely make them disappear. It's on the pricier side ($60) but I recommend this product to anyone who has had blemishes and tried everything to make them disappear. It's gentle and does a pretty good job at what it's supposed to do!

5 Things

Friday, January 15, 2016


Just got out of my last class at 4:20! TGIF. It's been a great but exhausting week being back at school for the new year. My sister and I went to La Creperie on Thayer Street in Providence before she dropped me back off at school. This place is awesome. If you ever stop by Providence or are near the area, I highly recommend the crepes! 

Nightlife for syllabus week hasn't been the greatest (:p) but I'm still enjoying it. I love all my classes (so far, lol). My favorite class so far is Spanish. I haven't taken Spanish since high school and had forgotten a lot of the grammar and vocab, but I've been able to freshen my memory up this past week. Sometimes I forget how interesting it is to learn another language and the different ways people communicate. We had also talked about this in my Development of Western Civilization Colloquium class about Muslim and Islamic Orientalism... whether thought or language came first, where thoughts even come from, and whether or not language limits or frees us. Are our identities constructed for us by the environment we live in? Or do we shape it ourselves?

I think culture and language is all so incredibly fascinating, but anyway, here are five things from this past week!

Lipstick Application Tutorial

My sisters and I recently got coffee one morning and as we were walking to the cafe, my sister commented that she liked the color of my lipstick. I replied back, "Thanks," and received a look like I had two heads. She replied back, "You have lipstick on your teeth." 

I have a lipstick routine but sometimes I don't follow it (like our trip to the coffee cafe). Below is my lipstick application tutorial! I used Bite Beauty's Mix and Mingle Lipstick in
Pepper from the holiday collection. Keep reading and I hope you enjoy :)

1. Begin by brushing your teeth and also brushing you lips to get rid of any extra dry skin. Be sure to get in the corners of your lips and anywhere else with excess skin. Then put your favorite chapstick on. You want to finish with soft plump lips.

2. Next, apply the lipstick to the outer rim of your lips, similar to lining them. I recommend those with thinner lips to line the rims before application but for those with already plump lips, skip this step. Don't apply the lipstick too close to the opening of the lips (the part closest to your teeth.) This prevents stains on the teeth. For the cupid's bow, create an "x" shape instead of lining it like a "v". This will create a more precise line.

3. After applying the lipstick to the rims of your lips, rub them together and sideways to make sure the color travels and gets in between the cracks and lines of your lips.

4. Place a tissue between your lips and softly press them against each other. This will prevent the color from staining your teeth.

5. Pucker up! You're ready for the day to start without any lipstick stains on your teeth and an extremely kissable lip!

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