2016 Beauty Resolutions

Happy New Year!! I'll be honest, I've had more memorable and self-discovering moments but there were some major life events that did happen in 2015. First off, I attended my first year of college! For the record, I didn't gain any Freshmen 15 (phew!). I ran for a position in student government which I received and learned many useful event planning skills. I grew close to many of my friends and my roommate and I really bonded. And I lifeguarded for the fourth summer in a row.

I don't remember making any New Year beauty resolutions, but I can say that I was a dedicated face cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night!

My Top 2016 Beauty Resolutions 

1. Style my hair more often. My hair is of medium thickness and it tends to be pretty straight with a little wave. I usually blow-dry it damp and wear it wavy after putting it up in a bun for a couple hours. This year, I want to try blowing out my hair more often, curling it, and trying new updos.

2. Floss everyday. Or at least every other day.

3. Work out 3-5x a week. For real. I was a lot better at this toward the second half of the year last year and during the summer, but since coming back to college, it's been a lot harder. With all the stress and deadlines, this year has been a lot more challenging and it's been difficult trying to find enough time to head to the gym. I think my schedule this semester is a little less challenging and more consistent so I'll be a little better at time management.

4. Actually try the samples I receive from Sephora. I get a couple samples every time I purchase something at Sephora , but I never actually use them. I'll be sure to use them more often now that I have something to blog about :)

And thats it! I wanted to keep it short, simple, and something attainable. I'll let you know how I'm doing in a few months.


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