5 Things


Just got out of my last class at 4:20! TGIF. It's been a great but exhausting week being back at school for the new year. My sister and I went to La Creperie on Thayer Street in Providence before she dropped me back off at school. This place is awesome. If you ever stop by Providence or are near the area, I highly recommend the crepes! 

Nightlife for syllabus week hasn't been the greatest (:p) but I'm still enjoying it. I love all my classes (so far, lol). My favorite class so far is Spanish. I haven't taken Spanish since high school and had forgotten a lot of the grammar and vocab, but I've been able to freshen my memory up this past week. Sometimes I forget how interesting it is to learn another language and the different ways people communicate. We had also talked about this in my Development of Western Civilization Colloquium class about Muslim and Islamic Orientalism... whether thought or language came first, where thoughts even come from, and whether or not language limits or frees us. Are our identities constructed for us by the environment we live in? Or do we shape it ourselves?

I think culture and language is all so incredibly fascinating, but anyway, here are five things from this past week!


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