Lancome Anti-Aging Products Review

I'm a lover of anti-aging products and a believer in using them as soon as possible. Anti-aging products may sound as if they're only supposed to be used by women to avoid further skin wrinkles, but I think they should be used to prevent wrinkles. Some dermatologists recommend using these products as early as in your twenties. I first noticed my mom using some products about five to ten years ago. She's currently in her fifties and regularly uses the Algenist brand, generally focusing on using eye creams and skin brighteners.

I received these two samples from my roommate and began using them nightly over the holiday break and absolutely love the work they do. I've been using the Genifique serum and eye cream after cleansing and moisturizing for about three weeks now. My face feels a lot softer, smoother, and when I wake up, it seems to have a kind of healthy sheen that isn't oily or greasy looking. The serum has a loaded dropper so when squeezed, it gives the perfect amount to moisturize over the face.

The eye cream is effective but not in the ways that the serum is. This eye cream is very moisturizing and firming, but it also sometimes stings. One night, I forgot to take out my contacts before applying the eye cream and well... you know the story. Some of the cream residue leaked into my eyes and I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night.

Overall, if I were to recommend one of these products, I would definitely ask you to give the Genifique serum a try. I noticed improvements after a week and by now, my skin feels as soft as it was before I hit puberty!


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