Lipstick Application Tutorial

My sisters and I recently got coffee one morning and as we were walking to the cafe, my sister commented that she liked the color of my lipstick. I replied back, "Thanks," and received a look like I had two heads. She replied back, "You have lipstick on your teeth." 

I have a lipstick routine but sometimes I don't follow it (like our trip to the coffee cafe). Below is my lipstick application tutorial! I used Bite Beauty's Mix and Mingle Lipstick in
Pepper from the holiday collection. Keep reading and I hope you enjoy :)

1. Begin by brushing your teeth and also brushing you lips to get rid of any extra dry skin. Be sure to get in the corners of your lips and anywhere else with excess skin. Then put your favorite chapstick on. You want to finish with soft plump lips.

2. Next, apply the lipstick to the outer rim of your lips, similar to lining them. I recommend those with thinner lips to line the rims before application but for those with already plump lips, skip this step. Don't apply the lipstick too close to the opening of the lips (the part closest to your teeth.) This prevents stains on the teeth. For the cupid's bow, create an "x" shape instead of lining it like a "v". This will create a more precise line.

3. After applying the lipstick to the rims of your lips, rub them together and sideways to make sure the color travels and gets in between the cracks and lines of your lips.

4. Place a tissue between your lips and softly press them against each other. This will prevent the color from staining your teeth.

5. Pucker up! You're ready for the day to start without any lipstick stains on your teeth and an extremely kissable lip!


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