My Go-To Summer Berry Lipstick

Bite Beauty Lip Crayon in Aubergine

This is my go-to berry lipstick! Absolutely love this. It applies matte, but still provides just enough moisture to keep those lips nice and soft. Another reason why I love this is because you can easily control the application. Want a lighter berry? Softly apply. Darker color for a night out? Give it a few coats! 

This lipstick also lasts several hours. Just be sure to apply some kind of concealer before the lipstick. When applied, this will ensure a closer color to the lipstick. To make your lips appear fuller and to avoid the color from bleeding out into your skin, border your lips with concealer after you apply lipstick. Blend around the lips, being sure not to bring the concealer onto the lips. 

There you have it! Definitely my favorite summer berry lipstick! 


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