Up-Do for the Allusion of Thicker Hair

My sister asked me to do her hair for a friend's wedding. She asked for something simple and quick that would hide her "bald spots"... lol, huh? So I did just that.

I used the braid to create more volume. Once this section is finished, you can pull out certain pieces to create the allusion of thicker hair.

In some areas, I twisted the hairs to manipulate a slightly thicker version and to hide parts of her scalp.

The bun was tied like a ponytail but wasn't fully pulled through, leaving a loop, and some strands to be pinned back. Since her hair is wavy, I was able to pull back some strands, rolling them up, then pinning them against the base of her bun.

If you still find some thin spots on your scalp, definitely feel free to use some makeup and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to fill in the scarce spots. I suggest using a similar shade to your color or darker. Definitely use a matte color to draw attention away from the spots you're trying to hide!


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